'Snuggle House' Swears It’s Not a Brothel

Here, let me give you a hug. OK, that’ll be $60. That’s the gist of a controversial new business in Madison, Wis., where patrons can pay $60 per hour to snuggle up under the covers with a “professional snuggler.” The Snuggle House aims to open on Wednesday, after a dispute with authorities, who deemed that the business might be used for more than just snuggling — hint, hint, nudge, nudge. But its founders balk against claims that The Snuggle House is a center for prostitution.

It’s a place to relieve stress and anxiety, says Lonnie Johnson, the only dude of the five-person crew. He says it’s “a safe place people can go to really be consoled and comforted and feel that warmth of human love that doesn't have any undertones.”

According to its website, The Snuggle House uses touch therapy, which leads to “increased oxytocin levels and a sense of well-being can last for DAYS after a snuggling session.”

The Snuggle House is located above a bar — because, honestly, what setting could be more relaxing?

Owner Matthew Hurtado says security cameras in every bedroom will be monitored at all times — which should make clients feel super comfortable that someone else is watching their every move while spooning in a bed with a complete stranger.

Johnson says The Snuggle House has a completely open, holistic approach that’s not limited to just spooning. “If you want to cry on my shoulder, I’m totally cool with that,” he says.

The business model is based on similar successful snuggling businesses in New York City and Rochester, N.Y.