10 Perfect Quotes From Eva Chen's 2nd Reddit AMA

There's been quite a few changes in Eva Chen's life since her first Reddit AMA nine months ago — with having a baby at the top of the list — but Chen's second Reddit AMA this week proved she's just as cool, funny, and relatable as ever.

The Lucky editor-in-chief not only gives the best career advice for aspiring magazine editors and fashionistas, but she's also that type of friend (or sister) that will pick you up when you're down, take you for ice cream, and send you Grumpy Cat videos all day, err day.

This time around, while Chen happily gave advice about landing dream jobs in fashion, and shared her favorite brands and beauty products, she also answered questions that gave her fans a better understanding of what makes her so awesome.

Let's take a look at the top 10 quotes from Eva Chen's latest AMA:

1. What she really thinks about the popular phrase "On Fleek":

"On Fleek" still mystifies me, haha.

2. How she responds to people who stop her on the street:

I'm that weird person that someone asks for directions from on the street and I end up giving way too much information about what to eat on the street, where to shop, etc.

3. Her relationship advice to a woman whose boyfriend cheated on her:

I'm so sorry to hear that. A) your boyfriend sucks and karma… what goes around comes around. I truly believe that. So just wait, he will get his recompense. "Staying strong" is a deceptive state because it makes it sound like it's a consistent thing. I think the road to recovery is one that often ebbs and flows and there are high points and low points. Your job is to keep your head above the water… no matter how that happens — more time with friends, throwing yourself into your work, talking to a professional, etc — until you make it to the shore and feel whole again. It seems like it won't happen, but it will, I promise. And take it from someone in her mid-30s, it's better to wait for someone who is your best match and deserves you than rush to the altar and divorce. Patience… The best things… you know the saying. xx

4. What workday mornings are like now with baby Ren:

My daily routine is that there IS no routine. I wake up earlier so I can at least smother her with kisses before going to work and I try to go home earlier so I get some time with her before she goes to bed. I wish more offices had in-office day care so I could see her during the day too!

5. Her favorite books:

Too many to name but The Age of Innocence is so poetic and has stuck to me years after reading it in school… and Hunger Games and Harry Potter :)

6. How much she "stans" for a certain Gossip Girl character:

OMG, that would be my dream if Serena van der Woodsen herself reached out to me :)) I love that show, haha. I literally watched almost the whole show last fashion week when I was traveling and jet-lagged.

7. But she also talked about more serious issues, like diversity and racism in the fashion industry:

I wouldn't say the fashion industry is racist, but I wish there were more opportunities for diversity. It's something I'm constantly aware of for Lucky, as a woman of color but also simply because I know I'm shaping the perception of what fashion/beauty can be. We put an Asian on the cover in February, which I was very proud of, followed by Lupita in March. We need more diversity, period, to reflect the times we live in! Every color is beautiful: blonde, black, blue (okay, I don't know who is blue besides the Na'Vi but you know what I mean). And I would never ignore a question to try to avoid a storm of poo… It's important that people ask the important questions too!

8. And her flawless definition of beauty:

You sort of just have to be happy with who you are and what you have to offer… It's hard but happiness is so much more than skin deep.

9. Her dream dinner guest list sounds AH-MAZING:

I would say someone serious like the Dalai Lama, Obama, etc… but really for dinner, I'd want someone who is funny/cool/smart so Tina Fey? Ellen? Will Ferrell?

10. Last but not least, she's Team Grumpy Cat 4-Ever:

Grumpycat still reigns supreme.

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