Dolly Chimes in On Eva's Sweatpants Policy

If you want to be like Dolly, you're going to have to ditch your bottoms.

When asked about Eva Mendes' stance on sweatpants, country music icon (and wife of 48 years) Dolly Parton backed her girl Eva up all the way. According to People Stylewatch, Dolly Parton doesn't believe in sweatpants, either.

If you're a fan of Dolly you know that sweatpants is not in her repertoire. From platinum blonde hair teased up to our sweet Lord Jesus to glittering rhinestone onesies, Dolly believes in over-the-top glam. Dolly weighed in on sweatpants while promoting Dollywood's 30th anniversary on Fox & Friends. In case you didn't know, that's the name of her theme park.

I can't think of a better source on style than Dolly. The 69-year-old has won Grammys, been nominated for Oscars, and is the head of a $100 million entertainment empire that includes Dollywood. She's maintained a 48-year-long relationship with her husband, Carl Dean, and we know that means she has some killer insight on how to rock a long-term relationship. She dished about it all to Fox & Friends.

“I try to always fix up for him,” she said, referring to Dean. “I don’t want to go home and just be a slouch for him. We really have a good time. We plan our special little things, but we’re very comfortable with each other also, so if we did wear sweatpants that be okay.”

Her adorable giggle was followed by her saying "I either wear tight pants, or no pants. My husband likes that pretty good." This is about the best bit of Dolly I've ever seen.

After Mendes let the world know how she really felt about sweatpants, the world proceeded to freak. However, her boo thing and baby daddy Ryan Gosling took to Twitter to lighten the mood, letting us know sweatpants do exist in the couples' closet.

Ohhhh, Ryan. I don't believe this will be the final word on sweatpants in relationships. Still, thanks for chiming in, Dolly. We all wish you were our godmother, a la Miley Cyrus. We will always love you, and those tight rhinestone and leather pants.