5 Tips To Help You Dress For A Surprise

Did you hear it's National Proposal Day? This is a holiday designed to inspire couples who have been hesitating about popping the big pop the question. And by "couples," I'm sure they mean the guys and gals with serious Peter Pan syndrome, as Patti Stanger calls it. The whole process of a proposal is a big deal and I don't blame people for being nervous about it even if he or she is absolutely sure they want to marry you. We have come to expect so much from a proposal. I mean, have you seen the way teenagers ask each other to prom? And that's just the prom.

I have often wondered how women are surprised about the whole proposal process. Do you communicate in your relationship? Do you feel confident in it? How are we always so surprised that he proposes? I have never been proposed to so its entirely possible that I have no idea what I am talking about. I just feel like I would know. Like, deep down in my gut, I would know that this is the day he was going to propose.

And naturally, being an aspiring fashionista, I would also want to be prepared for that special occasion, dressed in the right attire. But how does one dress for a surprise? Here are my 5 tips to help you dress for that special day (you may or may not know about).

1. Be Comfortable

Whether or not you see it coming, a surprise of this magnitude can bring up a lot of emotions. Make sure you feel comfortable enough to handle them. A printed t-shirt dress and slip-on sneakers are a comfortable, yet feminine combination. The pastels with a denim jacket are key elements to any spring outfit, so even if you don't think he or she's proposing, at least you'll look chic and seasonal!

2. Bring a sweater or dress in layers

If he or she is working really hard to surprise you, then they may not even tell you where you are going that day. You might not know whether you'll be indoor or outside. The solution: layering a pullover sweater over a dress and adding a vest is a great way to layer an outfit. A vest is not as heavy as a full jacket over a sweater and will be a comfortable compromise for any climate.

3. Wear flats or wedges

Again, if you have no idea where you're going, then you probably don't know what kind of ground you are dealing with. What if he or she planned a picnic in the park? What if the restaurant is on a cobblestone street? Pumps will not be a safe choice and sneakers might be too casual. Flats or wedges are the way to go!

4. Wear what you feel best in

When dressing for surprise, wear something that you feel a million bucks in. For myself, I love to wear rompers and blazers with pumps.

5. Bring a big bag and a clutch

Big purses don't exactly scream "date night," but when it comes to dressing for a surprise, they are very useful. You can use a clutch as a wallet and put it inside your larger purse. If your environment is very fancy, you can leave your large purse in the car or at coat check. If your date night ambiance is a little cozier, you will be glad you opted for your larger purse. You can even wear wedges and carry flats in your bag if you're not sure which shoe to wear. I know it seems funny, but your ready-for-anything tote might be more helpful than you think!

Images: Polyvore (5)