What Should I Wear To A Nicki Minaj Concert?

Ladies and gentlemen: I'm pleased to report that this coming June, yours truly will be attending the first show of Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint US tour!!! I'm imagining that this momentous life occasion will be on par with my christening, my graduation from college, and the first time I ate at Chipotle. Spending nearly a quarter of my weekly paycheck on this was BEYOND worth it. Naturally, I don't want to be dressed inappropriately for such a huge event. But how does one outfit themselves to worship at the feet of the high priestess of bad bitches? In plainer terms, what should you wear to a Nicki Minaj concert?

Talk to someone who isn't a Nicki fan, and they'll probably just tell you to wear some club gear and be done with it. But as a proud son of Minaj, I know that the task is far more complicated than that. A Nicki concert is the consummate celebration of militant female power, glorious cockiness, sexuality, punchlines, and flow. Your chosen ensemble should reflect all these things. Furthermore, what you wear will need to balance a few crucial factors. Firstly, you'll have to be comfortable enough to get on your feet. Secondly, you want your pretty to be on full fleek. Thirdly, you'll require enough storage to smuggle in a bottle of Myx Moscato into the venue with you.

As someone who thinks deeply about the nuances of Nicki's prose and clothing, I feel uniquely qualified to speak on this topic. Here is a variety of looks that you should don when you go to see the Barbz in concert.

On Fleek Look

Nicki has all but adopted "fleek" as her favorite word, so why not cater to that with your outfit? Pair a shirt sporting this hip phrase all the teens are using with a leopard-print skirt, some "earrings, bamboo," as Nicki would call them, and a pair of platform sandals. This is the perfect balance of festive, trendy, and comfortable to keep your energy high all night.

Casual Barbz

Pair the dungarees of the "Superbass" video with a black bodysuit and a pair of wedges if you're in the mood to dance your face off. Even if you're a bit hesitant to be that person with a Barbie necklace in your wardrobe, wearing it on this occasion is definitely ok. Also, I'm just guessing that you'll also want to incorporate a bag with plenty of room for booze. In this case, don't be shy to throw it back to 1994 and rock a pink Jansport.

"Floss Everyday But I Ain't A Dentist" Look

If comfort is superfluous, you might as well go full-flossy. Try channelling Nicki's Billboard Music Awards dress by pairing a cage bustier with a pencil skirt. Since you may be one of the rare people who doesn't mind wearing heels, do it up with a vampy black stiletto. Then, bask in the glory of feelin' yourself.

Casual Fan

When in doubt, just go full super-fan and rock a shirt with one of Nicki's pearls of lyrical wisdom. It's fitting to wear a pair of colorful Jordans with a tee and a pair of jeans, if this is the mode you're going for. As previously stated, there's never anything wrong with working a Jansport into the mix. Nobody can argue with some extra brown-bagging space.

Image: Polyvore (4)