This Bulldog Looks Like He's Saying "Yes" And "No"

We usually don't know what our pets are thinking. We assume they're happy when they're wagging their tails or purring and figure they're not happy when they growl or hiss, but until we figure out how to outfit them with translators like that one dog from Up, it's hard to be totally sure we are properly attuned to our pets' needs. However, in the ongoing dogs-are-better-than-cats debate (oh yes, I went there), this bulldog really looks like he's answering her by nodding "yes" or shaking his head "no" when his owner asks him questions. They really appear to be carrying on a conversation, and it's one that looks more productive than your average human interaction.

How the owner gets him to do this (at least without offering a doggie treat every time) is kind of interesting. It makes the case that the dog is actually understanding the questions she's asking him. (Obviously, she's limited to the yes/no questions; the dog isn't going to offer his thoughts on global warming or the 2016 presidential elections, at least not yet.)

Not gonna lie, I could watch the GIF of this dog saying "no" all day. He is so determined. And is it just me, or does he seem like he's losing his patience a little bit, like, "I SAID NO, WOMAN."

Okay, who am I kidding? I would totally ask him "yes" questions because this is seriously cute, too.

Here's the full video, and if you aren't all "GIVE HIM ALL THE TREATS" afterward, then I don't know if I can help you.

In fairness to the cat people out there (I don't understand your life, but okay), I did come across this one cute cat who sounds like she is saying "I love you," but could be talking to a can of Fancy Feast, so let's not give her too much credit. But yes, fine, she is pretty cute (and her name is Panda, which, aww).

Even if you can't agree on the dogs vs. cats debate (sorry, cat people, time to give it up already), I think there is one thing we can all come together on in the quest to communicate with animals: Nodding dogs and talking cats are always going to be better than those freakish screaming goats. Go watch it again if you want to, weirdos, but I'll stick with dogs and cats. Mostly dogs. Right, buddy?

Images: Getty Images; YouTube/TeamCzr (5); das Anedotas (1)