For Mustache March, 18 Ways To Show Your Mustache Appreciation, Even If You Don't Have One Yourself

You don’t have to be sporting facial hair yourself to appreciate a good Ron Swanson stache — or to celebrate Mustache March. Yes, there’s a whole entire month dedicated to celebrating facial hair, and even people who aren’t capable of growing a full handlebar stache themselves can still get in on all the fun. No longer just a hipster icon, the mustache has permeated mainstream culture, and can be found adorning everything from wallets to jewelry to mustache-inspired decor (seriously).

So for those who appreciate a clean chevron or nicely primed handlebars, here are 18 mustache-inspired products I found on Etsy.

Mustache Tank with Aviators

Who doesn’t love a good set of handlebars and classic aviators? Show your love for all things hip with this curly mustache-and-aviators designed tank top.

Tank, $24, ninty5prints

Mustache Stud Earrings

Wear your love for mustaches on your ears with these trendy black and white handmade cabochon earrings.

Stud earrings, $5, AzureaStudio

Mustache Coffee Cup

A mustache to go along with your morning pick-me-up — how perfect!

Mustache Coffee Cup, $15, LennyMud

Mustache Necklace

This dainty silver mustache pendant necklace is the prefect stache accessory you’ll never want to take off.

Mustache Necklace, $8.30, Accjay

Mustache Infinity Scarf

Keep your Mustache March dreams going all year round with this chic gray infinity scarf.

Infinity Scarf, $14.99, chicdays

Mustache Cupcake Shirt

Sneak a little stache in with this mustache on a cupcake baseball tee with pink sleeves.

Shirt, $15.99, adorabear2014

Mustache Summer Hat

This stylish sun hat comes with a modern mustache twist, making it the perfect accessory for the beach, pool, or garden.

Summer Hat, $16.99, PrettyVintage90

Bronze Mustache Earrings

Get two for the price of one with these handmade bronze mustache drop earrings and black flower stud earrings.

Mustache Earrings, $7.48, WhiteBlossom13

Personalized Mustache Flask

This six fluid ounce flask makes for an impressive personalized gift. It even comes with a velvet tote bag and a gift box.

Mustache Flask, $21, thehairofthedog

Mustache Luggage Tags

If you’re someone who travels a lot, then these two clear vinyl luggage tags are perfect for helping your bags to stand out at baggage claim.

Luggage Tags, $8.25, beesocks

Mustache Cookie Cutter

Mustache-shaped cookies? I can’t think of anything sweeter.

Cookie Cutter, $2.50, sweetestelle

Mustache Passport Case

Take traveling in style to the next level with this snazzy passport case, which features two large pockets for travel documents and a pattern of great mustaches (duh).

Passport Case, $15, DearSukie

Mustache Diaper Bag

This nifty diaper bag is perfect for anyone who has just had, or is expecting, a baby. This sturdy burlap bag can also be reused as a messenger bag once the baby is older.

Diaper Bag, $78, BeeSewUnique

Mustache Rings

Get this modern mustache-and-fedora shaped ring in either gold or silver. It’s dainty, delicate, and still a dynamic piece of jewelry.

Mustache Rings, $8.30, Accjay

Mustache Charm Necklace

This vintage photo art mustache necklace is sure to spruce up any outfit.

Mustache Charm Necklace, $18, BlackbirdPendants

Multi-Mustache T-Shirt

Get this classic cotton tee to display all the staches on one shirt. Because what could be better than that?

Multi-Mustache T-shirt, $17, ArtisanTees

Gold Mustache Bangle

If you’re the type of girl who likes to make a fashion statement, then say it all with this gold alloy bangle. Because who doesn’t like gold? And mustaches, of course?

Bangle, $12, LittlePlumpy

Mustache Card Holder

Use this cool vinyl card holder for business cards or credit cards. It also has a quick snap to secure your belongings. Now that’s what I call functional and fashionable!

Card holder, $8, DearSukie