Sarah Hyland Chopped More Hair Off

Know when you chop off a significant portion of your hair, and it feels to great that you have the urge to go progressively shorter? Your dear friend Sarah Hyland of Modern Family totally gets that. Sarah Hyland cut her hair even shorter into a bob haircut, and it looks predictably adorable.

As you may already know, Hyland snipped off her mermaid locks just last week. She showed off her new shoulder length haircut via Instagram, solidifying herself as the newest member of the fraternal order of the celebrity "lob." Clearly she can't get enough of that awesome sensation of having a lighter head, because she was back in the salon just a few days later. Her mission: to graduate to the sisterhood of the straight-up-bob.

On Saturday, the actress 'grammed a photo of herself with a face-framing, chin-length blunt cut. She was in the very same hair salon as she was pictured in last week, which adds a nice sense of continuity to her hair journey. Wearing a daisy-print babydoll dress, she looked decidedly summery, which I'm sure was what she was going for. In the caption, she said, "Aaaaand it's gone. Summer hair! Thank you @nikkilee901 for always keeping my hair healthy and for giving me the freshest cuts."

As you can see, baby girl's cut is a fresh one. Fresh to death, indeed.

Three cheers for finally seeing the light and cutting your hair short like Mom always told you to do.

Images: Getty; Instagram