Rainwear 101: 9 Tips To Waterproof Your Style

After what felt like an exceptionally long, cruel, and cold winter, we all have our sights set on spring. Just imagine those bright, sunny days with the tulips you thought you killed popping up in the garden. You'll pack away your winter coat, stow away your snow boots, and lose the sleeves you've been tugging down over your ice cold hands for months. Until, of course, you realize that the spring season is all about rain. After months of suffering with dry skin and wearing so many layers you can't tell where your long underwear ends and your body begins, this is bad news. You thought it was finally time for that beautiful weather you'd been expecting — but upon checking the weather on your phone, you find out that there's rain in the forecast for the next 10 days, which may as well be forever.

Don't get me wrong, spring is wonderful. But cold temperatures seem to destroy our brains and give us selective memory when it comes to the type of weather that happens during spring. We can't get to those flowers without some showers first. Styling yourself around rain is tough, because it's the trickiest element to endure with the expectation of making it through alive and looking the same way you did before leaving the house. Wind totally messes up your hair and humidity in the summertime can be a nightmare, but precipitation has the power to ruin everything from your hair and makeup all the way down to your shoes. It isn't easy maintaining your look while you're out in the rain, but it can be possible to look cute and make your makeup last if you follow these nine tips:

1. Find A Pair Waterproof Boots You Love

I know that a thick pair of clunky, rubber boots isn't exactly everyone's definition of fashion, but as someone who endured sopping wet feet in flats for far too long, I can confirm that owning a pair of waterproof boots will change your life. Contrary to popular belief, you can find rain boots that aren't ugly! Do your research and find a pair you'll be proud to wear while hopping over puddles.

2. Invest In A Stylish Rain-Resistant Jacket

When we think of rain-ready coats, we tend to gravitate toward the extremes. Some of us picture a gorgeous trenchcoat that's way out of our price range, and the rest of us recall the bright slickers from our childhood that made us look like a laminated banana that nearly drowned. Between those two extremes there are a surprisingly variety of stylish, weatherproof outerwear options that will keep you dry without putting a damper on your look.

3. Look For A Quirky Umbrella You Won't Hate Carrying

Toting around a bulky, collapsible shield in your bag may never feel glamorous, but taking the time to find an umbrella that complements your style will definitely lessen the burden. A lot of us refrain from using umbrellas because they're boring, ugly and cumbersome, but during the rainy spring months, think of your umbrella as a seasonal accessory, like a pair of cute spring sunglasses or a necklace that keeps your hair and makeup from getting ruined. There are enough blue and black umbrellas in the world. Be bold!

4. Waterproof Your Makeup

You know that eyeliner that you love but has a tendency to get smudgy and that mascara that smears everywhere at the first sign of moisture? I know you love them, but these are not your friends on rainy days. You don't have to forego all beauty efforts when there's rain in the forecast, but you should aim to use products with staying power. Find your best waterproof mascara and makeup setting spray to keep your dramatic eye makeup from dripping off your face in the drizzle.

5. Don't Wear Anything You Don't Want To Get Wet

In a perfect world, umbrellas would never flip inside out, puddles would never be deeper than they looked and cars would never drive close enough to the curb to give you that shower you skipped. Unfortunately, we don't live a perfect world, and when you go out in the rain — no matter how effectively you've draped your poncho — you're going to get wet. With that in mind, you should never take the risk of wearing a leather coat while carrying your very best work bag with a new pair of suede shoes on your feet when there's a chance of rain. Don't put yourself in a situation where your nicest things could get ruined. Take this as an opportunity to revisit some of the pieces in your closet that you've neglected. Chances are, if you haven't worn something in a while, it won't be as distressing if it gets soaked.

6. Beware Of Sheer Clothing And Colors That May Bleed

We probably all have a horror story about a white t-shirt, a pink cheetah-printed bra and a sudden rainstorm that robbed us of our dignity. Unless you're prepared to bare more than you planned, wear darker colors with thicker fabrics to beat rain overexposure. If the thought of looking as gloomy as the weather is getting you down, choose your bright colors wisely, and be careful with denim! In some circumstances, colors and dyes can bleed the first time you wear them, and that's not something you want to find out after you've just survived a monsoon.

7. Pack Your Touch-Up Essentials

No matter how well you waterproof yourself, chances are some part of you is going to get wet if you're outside in a downpour. It's smart to keep a small bag of rain-ready emergency tools in case you have to make some quick fixes to what Mother Nature destroyed. Some ideas to get you started: a spare pair of socks, supplies for detangling your hair, a mini straightener or curling iron, BB cream and some makeup remover wipes. If you're a gal who commutes by foot or public transportation, keep these rain must-haves in your desk at work!

8. Style Your Hair Smart

If you know it's going to rain, think twice about straightening your hair. I know you're a flat iron fanatic, but the second one little raindrop hits your sleek, perfect strands, you're going to go a little crazy the way every woman does when the weather makes 30 minutes of styling time a complete waste of time. You're going to hate a lot of irrational things like meteorology, your phone's weather app, cumulonimbus clouds and water. You don't have to give up on styling your hair when it's stormy outside, but don't set yourself up to be angry at the world. Rainy weather is the perfect excuse to try a new hairstyle like a cute fishtail braid or a top knot.

9. Embrace The "Just Got Out Of The Shower" Look

At some point the term "drowned rat" became the go-to animal we compare ourselves to when we're soaking wet, but have you ever actually seen a drowned rat? Wet or dry, I promise you always look better than that. When you're braving the rain, styling wet hair can be difficult, and your eyeliner may smudge, but you can still rock it. Show those showers who's boss.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy