16 Tattoos For Couples That Are Actually Awesome

You can tell someone you love them forever, but there is really no permanent way to say it. Words hover in the air, and then they're gone. Even giving someone cheese, the most romantic gesture I can think of, is pretty ephemeral as far as love declarations go. (Cheese is "gone by the end of the day" kind of fleeting, if it's me you're dealing with.) But a lot of people, in an effort to truly prove their devotion to one another, have skirted that issue entirely by getting tattoos for couples, which serve as a constant reminder of their love for each other, and only look even more badass when you see them together.

I have to confess that I don't have any tattoos of my own. But if I did, I would take a few notes out of these couples' books, because they clearly have found the recipe to tattoo success. You see a lot of people out there in the scary world who have botched or meaningless tattoos (*coughs* — Left Shark — *coughs some more*), and getting two tattoos doubles the risk of getting something you're dissatisfied with. These guys clearly put a lot of thought into the sentiment behind and artistic vision for their ink, though. And the results are both classy and stunning. Here are some couple tattoos that will give us all some serious jealousy:

1. Coordinates To A Favorite Place

2. Matching Heartbeats

3. Matching Minimalist Tattoos

4. Two Halves Of One Very Sassy Heart

5. The King And Queen Of Hearts

6. X O

7. Matching Infinities

8. Inked Wedding Bands

9. Matching Keys

10. Matching Minimalist Hearts

11. Matching Puzzle Pieces

12. Matching Watercolor Tattoos

13. Sun And Moon Tattoos

14. Minimalist Mickey And Minnie

15. Matching Constellations

16. Yin And yang

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Image: l inkagondorova /Instagram