Little Girl Ruins Special Pregnancy Moment

Another day, another miniature legend. This kid has locked down being my hero of the week, and it's only Monday. When this little girl finds out she's going to be a big sister, she gives pause when the news is broken, leans forward and whispers, "I farted." Which is just about the best way in the world to respond to anything, especially if it's true. It's just the greatest, and her dad's uncontrollable laughter is completely infectious. Meanwhile, the little girl, who appears to be named Kathryn, seems completely indifferent to the news that she's got a new sibling on the way, and fairly impervious to her dad's laughter, wearing an expression and giving a few uncomfortable giggles that suggest she's thinking, "What's so funny? I was just being real!"

Her absolute fearlessness in admitting her flatulence shows a level on candor we should all be aspiring too. I mean, who amongst us is so quick to claim a fart? Perhaps the world would be a much better place if we all took Kathryn's approach to letting it rip. Because there's really no shame in bodily function. And momentous announcements? Who needs 'em. Not someone who just let a great fart fly, that's for sure.

Watch the most adorable fart on earth happen below:

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Images: Robert Bejil/Flickr; YouTube; Giphy (5)