This Bulldog Is Treated Better Than Most Kids

Dogs are the best: loyal, affectionate, furry snuggle-bugs who love us unconditionally. So it’s fair to say that, for many of us, there’s not a lot we wouldn’t do to make our pups happy. In fact, most dog-owners spend an almost embarrassing amount of time figuring out how to make dogs happy. A devoted dog-owner in Norway, however, has raised the bar in terms of going the extra mile for his pet: He built his dog a second home. The Halvorsens, a family based in Lillestrøm, were looking forward to celebrating Easter with a trip to Thailand, but they were less than excited about leaving behind their beloved bulldog, Igor. Worried that Igor wouldn’t like staying in a kennel while they were gone, Igor’s human dad, Kai, set about making his severe-looking shelter more welcoming. Adding paint, furniture, and decoration, Kai created an exact replica of his own living room—complete with couch, coffee table, and decorative candles.

This story is really sweet, but I have do have some questions:

  • If you’re that sad about leaving your dog in a kennel, why wouldn’t you simply have a pet sitter come to your house?
  • Is it safe to have fresh paint (which I assume has fumes) with all those dogs around?
  • Why is the music that plays during shots of the kennel so depressing?
  • I know that we’re all sad about Igor being away from his fam, but doesn’t the music make it seem like he’s being sent to the pound? And like all the other dogs are facing euthanasia or something?

Despite these quibbles (or “kibbles!” Get it??), I think we can all appreciate the fact that Igor seems to be super happy with his new digs. He appears to have had a great time while his family was away, making friends with the other dogs and chilling on his own personal couch. This is what his new “home away from home” looks like: (Is it bad that this dog’s fake home is more coordinated than my actual apartment?)

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate Igor’s adorably crooked teeth. Seriously, how cute is this pup?

Here’s the full story:

Images: Getty Images; YouTube (2)