These Are the 10 Worst "Rich People Problems"

Everybody likes to complain every once in a while, whether our problems are actually serious or not — but before you criticize me for not counting my blessings (thanks, Mom), just read about the worst "rich people problems" the folks of Reddit have ever seen. I thought some of my problems were bad; I mean, I myself am pretty guilty of bitching about my first world problems, including but not limited to: Having to pee but being too lazy to get up; people spelling my name wrong in email replies (it's Sara with no h! It's right there, where I signed off on the last email!); skipping through so many songs on my drive to work that my arm starts to get tired; and so on. But these? If you were looking for a reason to face palm today — other than the fact that it's Monday, I mean — I've got it right here for you.

I would like to think that if I ever became super rich, I would not lose all my sense of self-awareness, but who knows? I guess problems are all relative, anyway, so who am I to judge these peoples' plight? Just kidding, I'm totally judging, and we can all judge together. I'm not sure if reading these rich people problems is going to make you feel bad about your life and the fact that you don't own multiple yachts, or make you feel good about how not entitled and ridiculous you sound to other people, but either way here it goes.

1. "Zoning regulations are for normies."

You know you've made it when you can build a floating helicopter pad just to stick it to your HOA in a creative way.

2. Why do people act like this?

I'm not sure what's worse: Not knowing how to pump your own gas (unless this story takes place in New Jersey, I guess), putting regular gas into a luxury car to save yourself a couple bucks (seriously?), or assuming everybody is trying to rob you, including the person who just helped you fill up your Bentley. So much wut.

3. Oh yeah, totally normal.

Those pesky peacocks, amirite? Where do you even live, the Neverland Ranch?

4. Okay, but are you sure your friend isn't Bruce Wayne?

Just kidding, everyone knows Bruce Wayne's parents died when he was a child, not a teenager. In all seriousness, though, this one's actually pretty sad. I'm not sure if I feel bad for this guy or not.

5. When you're so rich you can be snobby about your imported water.

Why France, though? Just curious. Also, if this person went to France, would he/she drink the tap water, or is that too working-class? Please, OP!

6. Oh my, what a tragedy!

I just poured one out for this family going through a very rough time. They deserve it.

7. You know you're spoiled when...

Good on the dad for not giving into her absurd demands!

8. Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

9. Face palm.

Ugh, this person's on another level of entitlement. Talk about clueless. I don't even have enough hands to give the appropriate level of face palm this situation deserves.

10. Wow.

I just... wow. No words.

Images: Fotolia; Meme Addicts; Reddit