I Tried The Coolest Makeup From Seoul Fashion Week

I think by now it pretty much goes without saying that South Korea's makeup game is seriously off the charts — and that Seoul Fashion Week's makeup in particular is a veritable mountain spring of fresh, new looks. Did you see the neon eyeshadow at pushBUTTON? The painted-on freckles paired with dramatic under eyeliner, vampy lips, painted fingers (and even more wraith-like hair than Alexander Wang) that they had at Steve J & Yoni P Design? Heck, there have been a lot of fun-to-emulate makeup looks already (it's only day one, by the way), but there's one look that stands out as the chicest of all: The fashionably doll-like eyes at Miss Gee Collection.

It strikes just the right balance of sophisticated and playful, of high-fashion and simple. Plus, it has a little bit of retro flair — it features carefully-drawn under eye dots that lend the look some of that iconic Twiggy look (along with lots of false lashes, she used to paint on some under eye lashes to really make her eyes pop). Basically, it reminds me of a fashion-y doll look — it's a little out there for day wear, but it might be a fun look to try out for a special occasion. Take a look:

Fab, right? And super easy. All you need to get the look is your every day basics (a dewy foundation is a must, as is some eyebrow pencil), along with a longwear gel eyeliner, a touch of gold cream shadow, and some berry lipstick.

First, you start off with skin, as flawless as you can get it. Keep the blusher and the bronzer minimal to nonexistent (the eyes are the focus here), and add a touch of luminizer for that coveted lit-from-within glow.

For the eyes, draw a clean, sharp wing on the top lid, making sure to wing it straight as opposed to up, then just... draw some dots, plain and simple. I drew five on each side, and tried to keep them as evenly spaced as possible. Then, I went in and dotted a gold-beige shimmery cream shadow between the dots to really make them pop.

Finally, finish things off with a trendy berry lip, and you're good to go!

Yes, I am in my garage next to an elliptical machine (the lighting's good in here). But besides that, what do you think? A little out there, sure, but it's something I'd be game to try out in public sometime!

Images: seonihwang, voguegirlkorea, wkorea/Instagram; Rosie Narasaki