Nasty Gal x Teva Has Arrived, '90s Nerds

If you've ever dreamt of combining preppy/outdoorsy comfort wear and chic, over-the-top street style, your day has officially come: The Nasty Gal x Teva collection is almost here, complete with what may be the coolest, craziest sandals you've ever seen. Now, if you've ever shopped from Nasty Gal, then you're probably aware that part of what makes the site glorious is its constant variety of totally bizarre items. It may not be your thing (or hey, maybe it is), but Nasty Gal is known for the over-the-top. And this Nasty Gal and Teva collaboration? It's so very strange (yet comfy) in all the best ways.

So, yes, you've probably seen Nasty Gal selling insane platforms before, but you haven't seen anything quite like these. Teva is traditionally known for selling strappy, sturdy sandals for the girl or guy who likes to stay comfortable and probably also hikes mountains in his or her free time. On my college campus, they're particularly popular with the Greek crowd — sorority girls in Nike running shorts, oversized social T-shirts, and Teva sandals is a pretty common sight. And, hey, can you blame them? It's like walking on air. You might be wondering how that aesthetic could ever work with the Nasty Gal brand at this point, and it's true, these sandals aren't going to be for everyone. But they are so very Nasty Gal.

Whether or not sky-high platforms are your taste, what's obvious is that these sandals look very, very comfortable (the flat pair, especially) and are a great, Nasty Gal-appropriate interpretation of street style chic, perfect for strolling around on a hot summer day or for a music festival. I know, I know — as if you didn't already have enough reasons to wish it was summer.

The two-piece collection hits the site on March 26, and will sell for $90 and $110, respectively. According to a press release, the collaboration is only available in limited quantities so be sure to jump on your favorite pair before your size runs out.

Images: Nasty Gal (3)