Did January Jones Dye Her Hair Red?

January Jones likes to keep us guessing.

The Man Men actress has been changing her hair color like I change underwear: every day, people. January Jones dyed her hair red recently, not long after she changed it to pink. Was pink a pit stop on the way to a rosier hue, or is the red here to stay?

Jones made us all blush with her Pink Ladies-inspired 'do. The pastel hair trend is still raging this spring, and everything from powder blue to mermaid teal has been sported by Hollywood's leading ladies. Pastel hair is fun for a moment, but for Jones, I love the more classic and glamorous look of red hair. It perfectly compliments her fair skin tone, and compliments a red lip in ways pink can never do.

The thing is, we aren't exactly sure what her current color is. She first debuted her pink hair on Instagram, but then new pictures surfaced of her red hair at the Mad Men New York Special Screening yesterday. Then, she was back to pastel pink for an appearance on the Today Show this morning. The style sleight-of-hand is nothing new to Jones: she's been a platinum blonde, brunette, redhead, and even rocked rose gold highlights in 2012. Clearly, change doesn't scare her.

Jones admitted in 2013 that her experimentation has caused her hair to fall out in clumps and she anticipates eventually having to shave it all off and wear a wig. Oy. Here's some free advice, girlfriend: ditch the wig and go for the pixie! If anyone has the lady balls to do it (and the face), it's Jones. Get it, girl.

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