11 Fake Flower DIY Projects That Will Last You Through This Spring And Beyond

With the first day of spring come and gone, the snow will hopefully start to melt and that old rhyme will come true — April showers bring May flowers. I know that florals for spring is nothing new, but since I'd like my floral decor to last for more than a week, I've been thinking about trying out a few faux flower DIY projects to spruce up my space for spring. Pinterest is littered with tutorials for paper, fabric, felt, and other faux flower ideas (I am personally a fan of book page wedding bouquets), and these selections will keep you busy until spring actually comes.

Image: Vitamini Handmade

by Emily Kelley

Giant Crepe Paper Roses

I love these in vases, but I’ve also seen them used for wedding decor.

Image and tutorial: Studio DIY

Paper Roses

These simple paper roses are great for centerpieces, and for adding springtime touches to your decor.

Image and tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Watercolor Paper Flowers

Welcome the spring rains with these lovely watercolor paper flowers. You can even customize them to fit your decor’s color scheme.

Image and tutorial: Vitamini Handmade

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are the perfect addition to twinkle lights (as long as it doesn’t rain).

Image and tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Cherry Blossom Wreath

Cherry blossoms, or sakura, have long symbolized the coming of spring, and they look so chic on this spring wreath. The flowers are made out of pieces of felt, so they’ll be in bloom longer than their real counterparts.

Image and tutorial: Vitamini Handmade

Pressed Faux Petal Art

I love pressed flowers, and this DIY art piece looks so real — only you’ll know the flowers are faux!

Image and tutorial: Girl Loves Glam

Giant Kraft Flowers

Can you believe these are made from kraft paper, cardboard, and sticks? They make for super cute wall decor.

Image and tutorial: The Merry Thought

DIY Flower Paper Lanterns

The coming of spring means (hopefully) warmer weather, and warmer weather means outdoor celebrations! These paper lanterns are perfect for a backyard brunch, or any wedding, bridal, or baby shower.

Image and tutorial: Icing Designs for Studio DIY

Black-Eyed Susan Pom Flowers

You’ll probably see a lot of faux roses this season, so making these pom flowers will set your DIY apart.

Image and tutorial: Delia Creates

Linen and Book Page Flowers

These fabric and page flowers are perfect for book and flower lovers alike.

Image and tutorial: JosieJones & Company

Spring Tulip and Moss Wreath

Real spring flower wreaths are pretty, but faux flower wreaths will last long after the April showers.

Image and tutorial: Girl Loves Glam