Lip Balm-Inspired Sneakers? Keds x eos Team Up

Your lips and your feet are obviously on opposite poles of your body, so you probably aren't thinking too much about correlating them, right? I might match my shoes to lipstick here and there, but other than that, I don't try to achieve top and bottom balance through lip/feet coordination. Keds and eos have teamed up for pastel-hued sneakers inspired by the ever popular lip balm spheres and I'm so, so sold!

The canvas shoes take inspo from eos flavors and colors and yes, I'm thinking, "These will dress up an all-black ensemble!" The kicks are limited edition and would look adorbs with your Easter dress (provided you are wearing one).

The shoe models are the classic Champion and the newer Double Up, which has a stacked sole. The offerings are Champion eos Passion Fruit (purple); Champion eos Blueberry Acai (blue); and Double Up eos Pomegranate Raspberry (pink). The shoe colors are bright pink and blue, with glitter laces and a striped sole.

Did someone just say... "Glitter?!" This keeps getting better and better.

Other intel? They're between $50 and $55 in price, are available at Shoe Carnival, and each shoe comes packaged with a matching eos balm! More bang for your puck(er).

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Keds wants the Keds girl to experience two brands at once with this pairing, with a brand exec saying, "This is just the type of fun and fashionable surprise we love to offer."

The lips/feet combo can't end here.

These are three other balm/shoe pairings I want to see happen, ASAP.

1. Converse x Lip Smackers

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Wouldn't it be fun to take a break from making custom Cons with skull print, like I do, in favor of those stamped with iconic Lip Smacker flavors? Vivienne Westwood had scented shoes, so maybe the outer shells could smell like whatever flavor?

Or is that too much, since feet get smelly? Let's stick with the prints.

2. Havianas x Smith's Rose Bud Salve

Stay with me on this. With flip flop season around the corner, your feet will take a beating and Smith's Rose Bud Salve is a nice cuticle moisturizer and can soften those spots that are further roughed up by flip flop friction.

This stuff is a miracle in a cute tin, acting like gloss and a moisturizer, so why not take care of your toes with it — at night, since anything else would be icky and messy — too?

3. Vans x ChapStick

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Festival season is murder on feet and skin, so how about a pair of lace up Vans, or even slip-ons, packaged with a ChapStick, in a limited edition, summer-y flavor, like Funnel Cake or Lemon Ice, along with extra SPF?

Your feet are protected and comfy, and you can tuck the tube in your back pocket or in your crossbody and then moisturize and protect from the sun as needed. Plus, if you lose it, it's no big, since it was cheap and utilitarian. Brilliant, no?

Maybe the lip/feet coordination isn't as odd as it seems after all.

Images: Keds/PR Newswire (1); Getty (3); Lip Smackers (1); Havianas (1); Sephora (1); ChapStick (1)