H&M Mannequins Are Taylor Swift Lookalikes

Some people might say that Taylor Swift is the artist of our generation. Some may even go as far as terming her the biggest icon of our time, both in regards to her relatable lyrics and her girl-next-door fashion sense. As a consistent chart-topper, a feminist, and a purveyor of impeccable style, there is no doubt that Swift is a major inspiration to millennial gals just like you and me — and fashion brands are quickly recognizing her powerful force of impact. H&M's new mannequins look just like Taylor Swift. Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny.

The masterminds at H&M knew exactly what they were doing when they designed these red-lipped (classic?), blonde-wigged mannequins, who each sport a lob with side swept bangs (aka, Swift's signature 'do). Obviously they were trying to clone Tay Tay. Not to mention, the Coachella-inspired ensembles donned by the mannequins look as if they were literally stolen from the singer's closet, Bling Ring style. I'm pretty sure she wore that floppy hat and hight waisted denim look while shopping in downtown NYC. Can't say I blame the brand for trying to duplicate the amazingness that is Taylor Swift — the more Taylor, the better, IMO.

After a fan posted a photo of the H&M display captioned "H&M seems to be spawning an army of Taylor Swifts", the Blank Space songstress replied on her Tumblr "Lol I thought that was me" proceeding to use the hashtags #RED LIPS #SHORT BLONDE HAIR #MUST BE ME. See? Even Swift herself acknowledges the extreme similarities, but I have love how she has a sense of humor about it. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.