11 Spring Foods That Are In Season Right Now, And All The Amazing Recipes You Can Make With Them

Break out the light jackets and put away the wool tights, because spring is finally, finally here, and it has brought with it all of its amazing seasonal spring foods. And thank god, because this winter has felt borderline apocalyptic, to the point where we all started to wonder if living under three feet of snow had become normal, everyday life. But now that the cold witch of winter is dead, flowers are starting to bloom, bears are coming out of their caves to play and raid picnics (or do whatever bears do), and we have a whole new crop of seasonal fruits and veggies to nosh. Here are all the spring foods you should take advantage of now while you have the chance.

Image: Averie Cooks


Pretty much everywhere in America, strawberries are available year-round. But really, their peak season is from April to June. They will taste their best and freshest during this short period, so eat as many as you can! Give this strawberry dessert pizza by The Kitchn a try.

Image: The Kitchn


Asparagus is at its best from March to June, and it’s low in fat and high in fiber. So when you’re looking to shed that winter padding, asparagus is your best friend. Also, this asparagus and smoked gouda frittata by Averie Cooks is fantastic.

Image: Averie Cooks


Their peak growing season is from March through July, which makes them the star fruit of the warmer months. They’re also super sweet and tangy, so they’re the closest thing to candy you can find in a healthy food. And when it’s made into a milkshake like this one by A Spicy Perspective, it’s just impossible to resist.

Image: A Spicy Perspective


Artichokes are harvested year-round, but they really hit their groove from March through May. Just grill ‘em up like The Kitchn, and enjoy!

Image: The Kitchn


Every pea in the pea family can be purchased 365 days a year. However, they’re at their greenest and snap-pea-est (see what I did there?) from April through July. Give a bowl of peas a little spice like The Kitchn, and you’ll want to eat them forever and ever.

Image: The Kitchn


Avocados have a long growing season that lasts from February through September, but they’re deliciously in abundance during the spring and summer seasons. And as Half Baked Harvest shows us, they’re also amazing on toast.

Image: Half Baked Harvest


Even if you only eat the dried version, you should know when this yummy fruit is in peak form — which is from May to August. Try the real deal and put apricots in crepes like A Better Happier St. Sebastian for a sweetness explosion.

Image: A Better Happier St. Sebastian


Radishes have a sharp distinct flavor that can either improve or drastically alter the taste of any dish. They are a root vegetable, and are at their rootiest during the spring months. For a delicious way to nosh on roots, try this radish and cucumber salad by Natasha’s Kitchen.

Image: Natasha’s Kitchen


Spinach gets bitter and gross the higher the temperatures climb, so clip those leaves in spring when the weather is still somewhat cool. This spinach and white bean soup by Damn Delicious will warm your soul.

Image: Damn Delicious

Sweet Cherries

Cherries that are actually sweet can be hard to find, as they’re only available during late spring and early summer. So do yourself a favor and fill your belly with them while you can. If you need some added sweetness, bake some cherries into these cherry pie crumble bars by Crepes of Wrath.

Image: Crepes of Wrath


The reason potatoes made the list is because they store so well. You can enjoy potatoes year-round, so here’s your free pass to eat ALL. THE. FRIES. Get started with this yummy number by Half Baked Harvest.

Image: Half Baked Harvest