What To Wear For March Madness

March Madness has taken the United States by storm, filling pubs with the cheers and jeers of devout fans and the streets with rowdy loyalists reveling in a win or brooding over a squeaker. Whether you're a rabid sports fan or politely refrain from getting in on the action, March makes avoiding athletics entirely an impossibility — which means finding March Madness outfits are of the utmost priority. The month has been historically associated with an abundance of team jerseys and other sports paraphernalia, non-negotiable attire for those watching the game with friends and family. However, 2015 is the year of athleisure fashion, from silken sweatpants to mesh tops, a trend perfectly matched to March Madness. Gone are the days when the only sartorial options for a game viewing were oversized jerseys and old sneakers. Simply look to Patriots fan Gisele Bundchen for proof of the sartorial shift.

This month, take a cue from the Fashion Week runways and construct an ensemble that is as avant-garde as it is spirited. Dress up a baseball cap with matching pointy toe heels, lend sophistication to a letterman jacket with skinny jeans, and wear your war paint in the form of a smokey eye, but above all, take the opportunity to demonstrate your inner athletics zealot and your couture connoisseur. It's 2015, after all, and you can embrace both facets of your personality with these six March Madness ideas.

1. Embrace Spirited Accessories

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Instead of diving directly into a team jersey that nearly swallows your frame, try a subtler look with equal impact. Cloak yourself in a cobalt vintage scarf to demonstrate your support of the Duke Blue Devils, or select a pair of rich crimson heels to ring in Wisconsin's victory. Even understated accents will earn you entree into a team bar or enclave of ardent fans.

2. Break Out The Boyfriend Jeans

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Nothing conveys laid-back luxury like a pair of well-worn boyfriend jeans, especially when paired with a sports tee or jersey. If the vibe of the occasion is casual, throw on your best slouchy jeans with with a fitted team top and those Converse All Stars you only break out for special occasions.

3. Trot Out Your Track Pants

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Dressed up sweat pants are the new skinny jeans, according to the couture gospel, and what better time to test drive the style than during an athletic-fueled extravaganza like March Madness? When determining which pair of slouchy sweats best suits you, look for a version that fits ever so slightly loosely, and look to your height and shape for cues as to whether a cropped, draped, or straight-leg style would be most becoming. Pair your track pants with a contoured top to ensure your ensemble reads elegant, not lackadaisical.

4. Rock A Polo

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You may be rightfully labeled preppy for sporting a trim polo any other time of the year, but March Madness simply demands athletic accents in whatever form they way come. To avoid the mockery of sports fans, take after Kate Middleton and pair your polo with skinny jeans and wedges for a refined and spirited ensemble.

5. Step Out In Leggings

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If the mere thought of hitting the streets in leggings appalls you, it may be time to give your inner sartorial critic a rest. When paired with a tunic-style top or an oversized jersey and a pair of the season's coveted designer trainers, leggings are de rigueur and incredibly comfortable. Just make sure to keep your top loose-fitting, lest you look like an extra from a Richard Simmons video.

6. Combine Athleisure With Leather

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When in doubt, a pair of leather leggings or a leather motorcycle jacket will show effortless elan when paired with a team jersey. Add wedge sneakers and tousled locks to complete the insouciant look.

7. Embrace Mesh And Stripes

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Take Spring 2015's top trend to March Madness by added a mesh crop top or trousers with racing stripes to your viewing party ensemble. If you keep your color palette neutral, the look will appear both peppy and chic.

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