Men Who Do This Have Better Sex

If you and your partner are looking to have better sex, then you need to make some serious lifestyle changes. What that means is getting your ass up and off the couch, hitting the gym, eating some chocolate, then going to bed. You know, your usual routine, if we replaced the gym with Netflix. A new study has revealed, for men anyway, that exercise is a surefire way to boost a sex drive.

The study of 300 men found that guys who exercise the most had higher “sexual function scores,” across the board. What constitutes a “sexual function score,” you ask? The score is based on the quality and quantity of erections, their ability to achieve an erection in the first place, and, of course, their ability and frequency to climax. Because what’s the point of having a sex drive if you don’t seal the deal with an orgasm?

Better sex was reported in the lives of men who opted for six hours of light exercise, 3.5 hours of moderate exercise, or two hours of balls to the wall vigorous exercise a week. Basically, no matter how a man wants to tackle his workout regiment, the point is that he needs to tackle it in the first place if he wants to see results in his nether region. Netflix can wait a couple hours.

But working out isn’t the only thing that can kick a “meh” sex drive into gear. Another study from earlier this month found that men who indulge in ample hours of porn-watching also have pretty fantastic sex lives.

Two-hundred-eighty men were asked to keep track of their porn viewing for a week, then answer questions regarding both their desire to have sex and the actual sex they had. The study found that men who spent a decent amount of time enjoying the ill-formed plotlines and Lucite heels that are always the most entertaining part of porn, had far less issues with erectile dysfunction and were more easily aroused. Which makes perfect sense; if you’re constantly watching people get it on then you, too, want in on the action. Doesn’t seem like much of a surprise there.

When it comes to women and what aids them in keeping their sex drive on the up and up, is sleep and lots of it. A study of 171 women found that the more sleep a woman has at night leads to greater sexual desire the following day and each additional hour of sleep increased the likelihood of her banging her partner by 14 percent. It seems a rested body is a body that wants to get down and dirty when it’s wide-awake, not like you need another reason to sleep a lot, but incentives always make life more exciting.

Since we’re always in search of ways to make our sex lives that much more satisfying, I think recognizing the latest studies is never a bad idea. If you and your partner make a pact to shift your life a bit by making the necessary changes all in the name of sex, you can’t lose. Healthy relationships are ones where sex is a key component, so if it means going to the gym a couple more hours a week, watching another porn clip before, or sleeping an extra hour, why wouldn’t you? As I said, Netflix will always be there when you get back from the gym.

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