In Other News: October 18, 2013

Stephen Colbert was the keynote speaker at Thursday night’s Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in Manhattan, and he had some jokes. “As the journalist Theodore White put it, ‘The Al Smith Dinner is a ritual of American politics,’" Colbert said. "So for those keeping track, the American political rituals are this dinner and the Republicans sacrificing 2014 to Ted Cruz’s ego.”

The Silk Road drug bust only happened two weeks ago, but it's already going to be a movie.

Florida inmates faked their way out of prison, and no one is sure where they are.

A federal air marshal was arrested for taking upskirt photos of women, and a couple was fined for having oral sex on an airplane.

Japan has a new $7 million sex museum.

Policy Mic makes the debt crisis easy to understand:

Here's what Buzzfeed articles look like without the gifs. (Hint: It's like accidentally seeing you're little brother naked.)

The newest Banksy installation had its shoes shined in NYC.

Bikers dudes posed as sexy ladies in this interesting role-reversal ad campaign.

A student posed for a selfie with his teacher who was in labor. Because that's helpful.

This adorable couple got married after 80 years together.

And finally, Lily Myer's poem "Shrinking Women" is going viral, and you simply must watch it.

Image: Policy Mic, Instagram