If You Love Burritos Here's Something You MUST Own

Burritos are about as close to religion as I get, let's be real, so when I saw this Super Burrito Body Pillow, I knew it had to be mine. That fresh AF cilantro, zesty lime tang, warm beans, fiery salsa, creamy guac, and OBVS the spicy queso — all blanketed up in a toasty tortilla. Seriously. Did y'all just feel that? It's True Love. Anyway, brilliant soft sculpture artist Lauren O. Venell stitched up a delicious ode to these pristine food cylinders for an issue of The Bold Italic . Yep, the Bay Area artist created the most delicious of all bedding options, and it is everything.

Considering the fact that burritos may be the most notorious culprits to bringing on food comas, TSBBP makes absolute sense. It measures a little over three feet long and is stuffed generously enough with polyfill (disguised as tasty 'rito fillers) so most can wrap their arms around it just so. The pillow is roughly "as tall as a beefy second-grader," as Venell describes it. That makes me feel a bit creepier about the urge to snuggle the crap out of this magic pillow until I pass out fully, but not enough to totally dissuade. The bulk of the piece is comprised of felt, wool, and cotton. But the foil? Party-friendly silver lamé, obvs.

And with a real human person for scale:

My bed suddenly feels so incomplete. I sincerely hope Venell starts rolling these up and out so I can adorn my entire apartment like a cuddly Chipotle. Consider this my cosign, Venell.

Images: theCSSdiv/Flickr; Courtesy of Lauren O. Venell; Nicole Grant Kriege for The Bold Italic