Twiggy Says Women Can Wear Leather At Any Age

You know what? You’re cool mom should be able to wear whatever she wants, reports the Telegraph’s Linda Kelsey, and Twiggy says older women wearing leather is fine. More than fine, in fact. Age-appropriate clothing is a construction of the patriarchy, and we should be able to don whatever leather-clad ensembles we please, thank you very much. Studs, too, if we so desire.

“To some extent this so-called prohibition against older women wearing certain kinds of fashion is being played out more in the media than real life,” writes Kelsey. “When I survey my peers I increasingly see them making bold, don’t-give-a-damn, style choices, based less on trends and having to have the latest thing, than a savvy approach born of all those decades of having to get dressed every day and finally working out what works for them.” She cites the new face of L'Oreal Professionnel as her rationale for such a divisive assertion, following comments made by Twiggy about her “perennially youthful” style.

“It makes me crazy,” she raged, “when I read magazines which say 'If you’re a teenager wear this, if you’re 30, wear this, if you’re 40, wear this.’ I refuse to say women of certain ages should not wear certain things. It’s all about how you wear it.”Twiggy, who recently did a photo shoot in skinny jeans and a black leather jacket, declared the experience of being kitted out in fashion she regarded as funky as “brilliant”.

A black leather jacket and skinny jeans. On Twiggy, a person who is old-ish. And the world didn’t cease its revolution. Imagine that.

In fact, as Kelsey points out, Twiggy’s got a whole thing going on with the leather in her new line for Mark and Spencer.

Take that, h8rs.

Images: Mark and Spencer