Suki Waterhouse Makes An Adorable Cher Horowitz

Cross two of the greatest chick flicks (Clueless and Mean Girls, obviously) with two of my favorite models and you end up with one girl gang I am dying to be a part of. Georgia Jagger and Suki Waterhouse channeled Clueless and (sort of) quotedMean Girls in their latest Instagram photo, giving us so many reasons why the 90s need to come back. Now.

Waterhouse and Jagger enjoyed a good old, girl's night out with two other friends (on the break-up mend, Suki?) on Monday night in London, and decided to make things a bit more fun by dressing in Clueless-themed outfits. As you can imagine, it's all kinds of brilliant. Suki wore a pink plaid mini skirt with a crushed velvet crop top and pink cardigan, with her hair in a scrunchy (because it doesn't get more 90s than that). Georgia went for a slightly sexier look, rocking that infamous red Alaïa dress. And then there were the feather pens. Enough said.

It was totally fun and adorable, and I'm sure a night to remember. Suki shared the photos on her Instagram, and even captioned one group photo "you can sit with us." So they're like, the nice kind of popular girls, right?

Images: Getty Images; sukiwaterhouse/Instagram