Preschool... For Adults??

When I first heard about Preschool Mastermind, the preschool for adults, the preschool for adults, I wondered “who would come up with this idea.” I watched the video and thought there was something familiar about the name of the creator, Michelle Joni. Then I went to the website to learn more about it and it wasn’t until I started reading and was struck by the oddly familiar writing style that it clicked for me.

Michelle Joni is the very same woman who, just a few years ago, donned a costume afro for Halloween, decided to wear it all the time, and thought it would be good idea to blog about it. Many people weren't happy about it, myself included. The last time I paid her any attention, Joni still hadn’t understood why it was frustratingly offensive for her to attempt to reclaim the afro as some sort of magical accessory that added spice to her life. Now, I see she’s found other ways to add spice to her life. Namely by creating Preschool Mastermind, a month-long, once a week “class” in which grown adults paid actual American dollars to play with play-dough, have show and tell, have a picture day, and enjoy snack time and nap time.

I actually see the appeal in wanting to spend some time doing things like this. Adults, with our overstressed lives, could really use some time to de-stress and just relax like we did when we were kids. Her class description actually reminded me of a friend’s recent birthday celebration in which we all gathered at her apartment, watched old movies, did our own version of Painting With A Twist (we painted whatever we wanted), and even had a lip-syncing contest. The major difference is that we didn’t pay a minimum of $333 (maximum of $999) to do all that fun stuff with strangers.

Of course, people are free to do whatever they want (as long as it’s not hurting anybody or, ya know, trying to revamp other cultures). If Joni’s “students” had the time and money to get in touch with their inner child at a stranger’s place, more power to them?

Images: Barcoft TV/Youtube; Tumblr