Apple Employees Are Apparently Focusing on Fashion

by Eliza Florendo

I love the idea of a personal stylist and shopper. Someone that'll dig through the trudge for me, as I sip on a glass of champagne (apparently I'm in a fantasy world). But now, techies can experience this ultimate shopping experience at the Apple store, because rumor has it that Apple employees will be trained to provide fashion and styling advice to customers, leading them to choose the right Apple watch for them.

According to 9to5mac, Apple is "pushing for retail employees to initiate conversations that build trust, enabling the employee to serve as a valued fashion advisor during the purchase process, similarly to how traditional watches are sold." Apparently, training for this program will take place in the next two weeks, employing a new sales approach.

Apple has created different fictional personalities, similar to real customers you'd find in a store, to help train the employees. Apple employees are encouraged to assess accessories that customers are already wearing to suggest the right product, according to 9to5mac. This new sales approach has been compared to the shopping process at a high-end glasses store—emphasizing style over function.

According to 9to5mac, customers will be able to try on the watch on April 10th, and begin buying them on April 24th. The employees will be broken up into four zones: Apple Watch & Sport sales, Apple Watch Edition Sales, questions, and try-ons. Appointment times will also be available, with 15 minute time slots.

This trend of a more personalized shopping experience seems to be on the rise, and soon, I can only hope that I'll have my own computer system a là Cher Horowitz. Until then, the blue shirted men and women will feed the revolution.

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