Honest Co.'s New Bags Are Not Just For Moms

This past Christmas, Jessica Alba and her company released their first ever multifunctional, messenger bag. Alba was stunned by how well received it was, which is why today, Alba and The Honest Company released three new bags. And regardless of whether you fill these bags up with diapers and baby toys or your laptop and paperwork, no one will ever guess that you’re rocking a bag that was meant to be for baby mamas. Trust.

The first purse is called the Honest Carryall Satchel and it's perfect for the grab-n-go type of mom. It's also great for those of you who hate digging through your purse for your wallet, keys, and phone, thanks to its many exterior pockets. You can throw things into one of the pockets and easily find what you need. The Honest Everything Tote is a lot like the satchel, but this one is way bigger. It can fit your laptop on top of all your various baby needs, too.

And lastly, my personal fave, the Honest City Backpack: it’s perfect for adventuring or commuting, all while providing maximum comfort. What's more is that they’re all made from eco-leather and are BPA/PVC-free.

And mamas, Alba totally gets the pain of lugging around an eyesore of a bag to carry around diapers. In an interview with ELLE, Alba talked about why she decided to create stylish diaper purses, saying this about her new collection: “It doesn’t look like a typical diaper bag. You can carry it even after your kids are out of diapers — it’s not embarrassing. I remember my husband was really frustrated because there wasn’t anything that was simple and chic (he wouldn’t use the word chic), but you know what I mean...simple. All three bag styles are very multifunctional and you are ready for anything and everything. It goes well with your clothes and your lifestyle. Why should it have to be this embarrassing eyesore?”

I’m not a mom yet, but I am positive that moms all around the world will love these bags for sure. I'm also positive that non-moms are going to be snapping up these bags like crazy, too. Well done, Honest Co.!

Image: honest/Instagram