12 Easter Recipes That Will Make Your Holiday Dinner Party Extra Awesome (And Extra Delicious)

The Easter Bunny is on his way, y'all, so dust off those seasonal Easter recipes and get your Peeps and ham ready, because Easter is by far the best holiday of the year. It's all about the candy, and as a grownup, you can have a kick-ass Easter dinner that showcases your classy adult lifestyle as well as your inner hot mess tween. Here are all the recipes that you need in order to make your Easter dinner party the yummiest meal of 2015.

Image: Jelly Toast

Baked Brie with Cherries, Pistachios, and Caramelized Honey

It’s cheese. A giant dish of cheese. You’re welcome.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Dill Cucumber Salad

Light and with the perfect amount of bite. (Rhyme unintentional.)

Image: Foodie Crush

Champagne Ginger Sparkler

This cocktail is subtle and sweet enough to lure you in, but certainly strong enough to give you a solid buzz when the Easter egg hunt begins. You will find ALL OF THEM.

Image: Climbing Grier Mountain

Sweet Potato Biscuits & Maple Butter

You will absolutely not be able to eat just one. Go on. Try it.

Image: The Kitchn

Radish Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Radishes are a spring superstar vegetable, and this salad is the perfect intro to the fresh and tangy spread you’re about to unleash upon your guests and their tastebuds.

Image: A Better Happier St. Sebastian

Harissa Broccoli Spinach Wild Rice Casserole with Crispy Prosciutto

There are so many wonderful things happening in this dish that it’s hard to pick out the star, but prosciutto is probably it, since it’s bacon’s fancy cousin.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Cauliflower and Brussels Sprout Gratin

A delish veggie side that is just as filling as the potato version would be. Score!

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Strawberry Lemon White Whiskey Collins

Fruity, delicious, and there’s no better drink to kick off your Easter feast.

Image: A Better Happier St. Sebastian

Brown Sugar & Dijon Mustard Glazed Ham

You’re a star. You’re on top. Somebody bake you some brown sugar and dijon mustard glazed HAMMMMMM.

Image: The Kitchn

Brined Pork Loin Roast with Pineapple Chutney

If ham isn’t your thing, indulge in a little piggy with pork instead. Also, pineapple is now in season, so the flavor will be crisp and perfecto.

Image: Jelly Toast

Marshmallow Peeps and Nutella Sandwiches

This could be a sugary appetizer, or a stellar and gooey dessert that you will want to leave room for, because Nutella. And Peeps.

Image: Climbing Grier Mountain

Funfetti Sandwich Cookies with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

A sweet snack that will taste as good as it looks amongst your Easter decor.

Image: Half Baked Harvest