See The Best Looks From 'PLL's' #BigAReveal

by Hayli Goode

Last night's Pretty Little Liars episode, aka the #BigAReveal, was insane. Aside from all of the action that happened in the first ten minutes of the episode, I thought I was still going to keel over from arguably the best Pretty Little Liars fashion in the history of the show. Seriously, I don't know any girls who can make orange jumpsuits look that fashionable. Or keep their hair in check after a terrifying car accident.

But I don't want to give too much of the plot away, so let's focus on the clothes. From the beginning, fans knew this was going to be one of the most stylish shows on TV. The girls showed up to school wearing heels, bold lipstick, and dresses that I would typically reserve for a rare black-tie event. The Little Liars have always worn trendy outfits that most high school students wouldn't dare to try.

But of course, the character's lives are also a little different from those of typical high school students, too. Last night's episode was not only filled with all of the drama that fans have come to expect from the show (plus some things they've been waiting a looong time for), but like every episode, the stylists still made sure to nail each girl's A-mazing (pun SO intended) fashion and beauty looks.

The Orange Jumpsuits

Let's be honest, no one looks great in Orange is the New Black-style jumpsuits (except for, well, the case of Orange is the New Black). But these girls? They look fab in them. Not only is their personal style still evident in the way they carry themselves, but also their hair is still on fleek following a car accident.

Spencer's Parents

We all know where Spencer gets her style from! Even though their daughter has gone AWOL, the Hastings have a reputation to uphold. Spencer's mom (who's totally Mariska Hargitay's doppleganger, right?) looks comfortable yet put-together in her button-up shirt, and her dad is mirroring that style in a sweater over a simple white tee.


This was about the second time I gasped at my TV screen last night. Not only is MONA NOT DEAD, but also SHE'S BLONDE. And boy can she actually can pull of blonde hair (even if it could just be a wig). After all, everyone is doing it these days. Despite her unfortunate circumstances, she looks great in a bright yellow blouse. Very simple Mona style. Or Ali style, should I say?


The girls aren't the only characters with amazing style. Andrew was in the episode for a very important millisecond, but his printed shirt was an ultimate must have. Also, it's very important to note that he invested in an expensive pair of Beats by Dre. All the better to hear you with, Mrs. Hastings.

Spencer's Choker & Beauty Look

All of the little liars looked gorg in their prom dresses that A *generously* provided, but more on that in a minute. When I got a close up of Spencer's choker in the last five minutes of the episode, I had to gasp again. A did a great job of matching it to her earrings and her overall dress. It was so simple, but so elegantly edgy.

And don't even get me started on her beauty look. I have never before seen Spencer pull off a smokey eye so flawlessly. And look at that rosy blush!

The Prom Dresses

Not to praise A's creepy actions, but you have to stalk someone for a long time before you can easily pick their perfect prom dress. It's even not an easy task for a girl to do for herself! Let's break it down, shall we?

Spencer: Again, dat choker, doe. And a plaid dress is perfect for her modern-day school girl style.

Aria: She looks like an edgy glam princess with those shoulder pads and gloves.

Hannah: Glamorous to the extreme. Hannah isn't ready for prom with her low-cut dress — she's ready for the red carpet.

Emily: Sure Emily has a touch of tomboy in her, but she can also pull off glam oh so well. She looks elegant in this deep blue, bejeweled gown.

Charles, Jason and Ali's Mom

I don't what's Jason or who's Charles or anything, and it hurts to think about. I just want to point out that, like Spencer, Ali was born with style sense. Her mom not only looked amazing after giving birth, but she did a great job of dressing the boys. Puffy vests look so cute on children.


With Hanna's flawless sense of style, there's no way she could be dating anyone less fashion-savvy she. Caleb has the layering game down to a T. His denim jacket over a black zip up jacket not only looked BA, but he was dressed the part of a man ready to find the love of his life.

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