The Complete Hair Evolution Of 1D's Zayn Malik

Today is a sad day in the music world. Tween-aged girls, devoted concert-going dads, and teens-at-heart are devastated by the news of band member Zayn Malik officially leaving One Direction. Rumors of the 22 year-old star's departure began after he quit the band's worldwide tour last week due to a bad case of stress. But jeez it didn't take very long for what seemed like very far-fetched rumors to actually become reality. Now, what all of us passionate 1D fans have feared most has actually come true. Cue the synchronized sobs (no but really, I'm crying).

If you have been following the insanely talented and drop dead sexy group from their very inception on the X Factor (like I have), surely you understand the magnitude of deep sadness this unfortunate situation has brought on. Although Harry Styles has emerged as the group's single superstar, and is probably favored by most of the pop culture-loving world, Zayn is my personal favorite. Hey, I guess I just like the brooding mysterious type. But you can't blame me for fawning over that silky smooth voice, those big dark eyes, and of course that HAIR.

The famed mane of Zayn Malik has evolved a whole hell of a lot in the five years that he has been a part of One Direction. And with each glorious transformation he somehow got even better looking. So in the spirit of celebrating his hotness, rather than mourning his leave, let's take a look at the complete evolution of Zayn's hair.

The Typical Boy Band Flow

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The Bold Blonde Contrast

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Blonde-Frosted Bangs

The Spiked Fauxhawk

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A Bit More Grown Out

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Side Buzzed

That Glorious Man Bun

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