7 Reasons We'll Will Miss Zayn Malik The Most

This is not a drill (and maybe you should sit down for this one): Zayn Malik has left One Direction. I know, I know. Here, have a tissue. I totally feel your paint. It's taking everything in me not to write this post in all-caps due to an increased amount of stress and feelings. There are so many reasons we will miss this (former) boy band hottie, but his perfect hair may be number one.

Malik has had a pretty intriguing year. First, rumors surrounded Malik after a video surfaced of the singer allegedly smoking a joint with fellow One Directioner Louis Tomlinson. Then pictures of him with an arm around a woman who was SO not his fiancée emerged. Then, just last month, Malik announced that he would not be going on tour with the band due to stress and the other band members publicly expressed their concern for his well-being. And now, he's left the band for good. Worry not, though, 1-D fans — according to the group's Facebook, One Direction will continue on as a foursome.

Malik a fan favorite for more than his lovely voice. The singer had some amazing tattoos, a great sense of style, incredible good looks, and, of course, that hair. Oh my, that hair. Here are all the reasons we will miss Malik as a member of One Direction (spoiler alert: HAIR).

1. He Was the First to Rock the Buzzed Sides Look


Well, maybe not the actual first, but I have many guy friends who have admitted to bringing pictures of Malik to their stylists. His sides were always perfectly buzzed while the top of his hair featured longer locks.

2. That Time He Tried a Mullet

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's like a mullet combined with Elvis' pompadour. And I'm pretty sure he's the only person who could pull this off without looking completely ridiculous. Just look how shiny it is!

3. When He Had Longer Hair

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This was during the early One Direction days, but I first swooned over him when when I saw his long locks that he constantly flicked away on stage.

4. Slicked Back

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Zayn, you're hair looks sexy pushed back! Malik's mother is actually from England and his father from Pakistan, but with his hair like this, he looks more like Uncle Jesse that anything. And it's definitely working for him.

5. When He Went a Little Bit Blonde

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Malik surprised literally the entire world when he showed up to the 2012 London Olympic Games with a blonde streak in his hair. But it looked great with the pompadour.

6. Sans Facial Hair

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aww, baby-faced Malik. The clean-shaven face made him look younger, but he was still so darn attractive. It's nice to see a guy who can pull off a hair-free face as well as a scruffy face without looking like two totally different people.

7. With Facial Hair, Though

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ugh. I don't know anyone who does scruff better.

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