Zoe Saldana, Please Don't Avoid High-Waisted Pants

Saturday night, Zoe Saldana looked amazing at the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. But in an interview on the red carpet with InStyle, Saldana said doesn't quite feel comfortable wearing high-waisted jeans yet, despite loving her post-baby body. "I still miss a lot of things when it comes to fashion, and I still can’t wear a lot of things." Did she just contradict herself a little bit there?

Saldana gave birth to twin boys back in December and she already looks like she was never even pregnant, despite the fact that (although I have never had a baby) I have heard from many friends and family members that not only is it difficult to your body back in pre-pregnancy shape after giving birth, but it's also very important to learn to love the way your body has changed post-baby. While I love Saldana's confidence, I'm a little disappointed that she feels she can't wear certain styles of clothing she loves just yet.

The actress also told InStyle that "if it stays forever I’m going to be a very happy lady.” It's so nice to hear that she's accepting of her post-baby glow and unavoidable physical changes. Along with that, however, she should not be avoiding the clothes she likes to wear. She looked fabulous, confident, and very fit at the GLAAD Media Awards. It's a shame to hear she doesn't feel like she can wear high-waisted jeans "yet." I understand and respect that every woman handles pregnancy (and post-pregnancy) differently, but I'd love to see Saldana rock the pants she wants to wear without reservations.

Here are some photos of the actress looking stunning on the red carpet during and after her pregnancy.

Saldana at the GLAAD Awards

Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I wasn't exaggerating. She looked awesome at the GLAAD Media Awards. I commend her for wearing a tight-fitting dress. And I can only dream of having legs like hers!

Glowing In Floral


There's just something about pregnant women that I find so, so beautiful (don't get me wrong, I find them beautiful when they're not pregnant, too). Saldana's maternity style was on point and her glow could be seen from a mile away.

Amazing Maternity Style


This dress is the ultimate red carpet maternity look.

Natural Beauty


This picture was taken when Saldana was in the later stages of her pregnancy, and she looks beautiful, naturally. Her bone structure is amazing and it obviously doesn't take a lot to get her ready for the red carpet. Maybe a quick swipe of blush and mascara, a curling iron and she's ready to go.

Black And White


Saldana publicly announced her pregnancy and she stepped out at the London premiere of her movie Guardians and the Galaxy wearing a form-fitting bejeweled gown. I love how she embraced the bump with such a beautiful, accentuating gown.

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