6 Inventions That Changed The Way You Have Sex

Have you ever considered the myriad ways we’ve managed to aid or enhance our love-making? In a new video, BuzzFeed outlines “6 Inventions That Changed The Way You Have Sex.” Because where would we be if not for modern contraception, gang? Or like, any of the other ways we’re capable of empowering our bodies?

I mean, you guys, dildos. Would you believe the first one, er, popped up around 26,000 B.C. Researchers found a stone one in a German cave during the mid aughts. Stone. We’ve come a very, very long way. The first vibrator followed suit much later around 1869 A.D.

Sex toys can be wonderful additions to your sex life, but it can be tricky at times to find the right products,” sex psychotherapist Vanessa Marin tells Bustle. We’ve come a long way, and there’s no reason not to pursue ways to spice it up in the bedroom. Adds Marin, “There are a surprisingly large number of detailed sex toy reviews out there, and you can get lots of information about the pros and cons of your potential purchase before forking over your money. You can also look at sex toy review blogs, and try to find a blogger whose taste seems similar to your own.”How, exactly, have we managed to reinvent our sex lives over the centuries? Consider the following:

1. Dildos

2. Modern Condoms

3. Sexting

Pretty great, no? Check out the full video below to see three more:

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