This New Handbag Brand Is Good Enough To Eat

If it takes little to ignite your voracious appetite, Gelareh Mizrahi's food-themed handbags may be dangerous for your metabolism. Though Mizrahi is hardly the first designer to fashion bags made in the image of comfort food (see Chanel's Milk Carton and Anya Hindmarch's Crisp Packet Clutch), the collection is arguably the most mouth-watering. Founded in 2011, Gelareh Mizrahi's eponymous line unites a quirky sartorial sensibility with luxe quality to create unforgettable wares. As an alum of lauded companies like Chanel, Mizrahi is a idiosyncratic force to be reckoned with in terms of talent.

Rendered in python, each of Gelareh Mizrahi's bags is produced to represent cultural —or in many cases, countercultural — symbols. Mizrahi's This Is Your Brain On Drugs Clutch resembles a fried egg and has appeared on the arm of Lucky editor Eva Chen, while the brand's Slice Of Heaven Clutch made an appearance with Mizrahi herself on the Gelareh Mizrahi company Instagram account. Also eye-catching are Mizrahi's Would You Like Fries With That Clutch and Peace Maker Clutch, the latter of which is a not-so-subtle nod to marijuana.

As eccentric as her designs may be, Mizrahi's clutches aren't for those looking to purchase a cheap thrill. With a price tag of $845 per clutch and $1,850 for a backpack, Gelareh Mizrahi accessories are serious financial commitments. The brand's mounting base of admirers despite the required investment for each statement piece echoes the sartorial shift towards items that are both high-end and artistically challenging. As fashion becomes increasingly synonymous with thought-provoking art, Mizrahi's wry wares may well take the place of staid staples like the Hermes Birkin and the Celine Nano.

This Is Your Brain On Drugs Clutch

Slice Of Heaven Clutch

Would You Like Fries With That Clutch

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