Celine Wants You To Get Off Your Couch

French brand Celine is what many may think of as a small, cult brand, but the purveyor of sophisticated, ready to wear fashion isn't looking to gain internet notoriety. An online, e-commerce site where you can shop for their infamous luggage bags won't be coming to a couch near you for some time, because Celine remains focused on its brick and mortar store model. But with such fantastic ad campaigns, it's doubtful that a lack on online sales is going to harm the brand.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Celine CEO Marco Gobetti touches on the reasons why the brand intends to stay focused on an in-person sales approach. Gobetti explains:

"I feel fashion has overcrowded and has made a lot of noise on the Internet. I think that being quiet gives more value to what we do. We think it is important to touch the clothes — much of what is special is lost on e-commerce. I don’t expect Céline to have 400 stores. That’s not our path."

While online retail is not something Celine is looking to embark upon, the label will be expanding their stores. One of the new locations is in a stunning historic building in Paris, and despite my desire to only shop from the security and warmth of my bed, Gobetti definitely has a point when it comes to in-person retail.

There's a certain magic that comes from falling in love with a piece of clothing or an accessory for the first time. Plus, the rarity of a Celine store is an integral part of what makes the label unique. Celine appears to want to maintain some of that drama and magic for their customers, and that's quite all right with me.