Leighton Meester Chooses Comfort Over Fashion

Blair Waldorf was arguably one of the most iconic fashionable characters to ever grace the small screen, and she wasn't one to shy away from sky-high heels and over the top gowns. While Blair may have been a no holds barred fashionista, Leighton Meester chooses comfort over fashion. The talented actress sat down with Jimmy Choo to discuss her everyday style and inspirations.

Since starring in Gossip Girl, Meester has had more than her fair share of fashionable moments. She's also no stranger to daring, but killer looks. While this may be common for the red carpet, in her everyday life, the star focuses more on comfort than looks. Meester explains:

“Like anyone, I’ve gone through phases, but the biggest difference is that I’m less concerned with fashion for fashion’s sake. I find that I’m happiest when I’m comfortable in my favorite key items, so I just add or subtract from my tried and true items to create a certain look.”

Being confident and comfortable in your everyday wear is key to projecting confidence, and Meester definitely seems to understand that. The star is also not one to focus on luxury brands when stocking her bag. Instead, she focuses on beauty essentials that she couldn't live without. Meester tells Jimmy Choo World that her bag contains, "reusable stainless steel or glass water bottle, sunglasses, hand cream or cuticle oil, lip balm, hair clips and pins, and current reading material."

With Meester's natural beauty and low maintenance style, she's exactly the kind of style icon I love. The fantastic actress is willing to take fashion risks, loves her comfortable style, and makes no bones about how important beauty basics are. Leighton Meester, you're better than Blair Waldorf any day!