Casetify Creates Changeable Apple Watch Straps

If you didn't think social media could become anymore a part of our lives, think again. The Apple Watch will bring instant updates and messages to your wrist, but thanks to one company, you will be able to incorporate your favorite social media platforms into your watch. Casteify will allow you to customize your Apple Watch with your favorite Facebook or Instagram images on the wristband. We've seen Casetify in action before — Hilary Duff has her own line of Casetify iPhone cases — but their new product is one of the first accessories for the Apple Watch. Does anyone else now feel like they want to buy an Apple Watch just so they can customize the strap? (I do!)

OK, so maybe you aren't going to buy an Apple Watch right away (because you were one of the smart people who waited to buy an iPhone until all of its original kinks were worked out). But if you do purchase one, know that with Casetify you can import your own images from Facebook or Instagram, edit them with a filter, and—boom— you have your own customized Apple Watch strap.

Using Casetify is a pretty simple process that I tried myself. When designing your customized strap, you can chose from three different photo layout options that allows you to feature up to five photos on the strap. From there, you can click on the individual photos and resize or position them to your liking. Below is the strap I created with a few of my own Instagram photos (featuring my Frenchie, of course).

Unlike Casetify's other device case options where you can upgrade to a higher-end version of the case (which are made out of other materials such as Maplewood), the watch strap is only available in one material for $50. My only questions are: what is the strap material made out of, and will it be comfortable on my wrist?

If you don't want to use your own photos of your cat or kid for the strap, Casetify has its own collection of strap designs available in four different styles that are more on the fashionable side.

You can even download the Casetify app from Google Play or the App Store to design your own customized Apple Watch strap.

If you're willing to invest the time in designing (several) strap options before you hit "add to cart" and the money into buying an Apple Watch, then kudos to you!

Images: Casetify (4)