Why Stacy London Hates Festival Wear

Many a music fans scrimps and saves for festival season, but they aren't the only ones who get excited. Fashionistas everywhere get pumped for the perfect summer fest, but everyone's favorite television host and stylist Stacy London hates festival wear. Despite her utter disdain for denim shorts and flower crowns, London doles out great musings on the fashion industry and how trends aren't always a good call.

The style guru, veteran of the hit show What Not To Wear, and host of the current Love, Lust, or Run sat down with Cosmopolitan to discuss her new role as a brand ambassador for Hollywood Fashion Secrets as well as her greatest style tips. London is one of the women who made me realize that fashion is more than just the clothes I put on my body. Instead, my style can reflect who I am as a person, so any time she speaks, I definitely listen.

While London gives tons of incredibly useful advice in the interview, her most incendiary remarks are those that deal with everyone's beloved festival fashion. The stylist pulls no punches about festival style stating that she's "sick" of it. London goes into much more depth about her feelings on the extremely popular style stating:

"Coachella needs to die. Honestly, we can listen to the music at home. Festival dressing has become all about skin. It's become about how sexy you can be in your denim shorts and your halter top. It's not that celebrating one's sexuality doesn't have a place. But to turn a festival into that as a style? I don't know if that's the best way to enjoy a festival. You don't have to follow trends because they're trends. Fashion is an industry that is built on insecurity, not autonomy. You have to remember that you are an individual with the possibility of making choices within an industry that's always going to tell you you're failing. That's how they sell things."

London brings up some really great points about following trends and what that means for individuality. She goes on to discuss how personal style is a reflection of who you are and explains that there is a distinction between style and fashion. Style, for London, seems to be the personal choices we make in order to represent ourselves, and I applaud London for her insistence that we all focus on who we are and not follow trends for the sake of being trendy.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images