This Beauty Site Offers The Latest And Greatest

It is a rarity for a beauty website to both know its target consumer well enough to provide perfect-fit products for every concern and simultaneously predict what their consumers will crave in the future, but the freshly reinvigorated beauty digital company Evine somehow manages to satisfy both criteria. Instead of simply announcing a new crop of products via marketing email, the company is slated to debut the latest and greatest cosmetics and skincare discoveries via Evine's 24-hour live “Before & After Beauty Day” in which the company will highlight a selection of revolutionary — and primarily organic — beauty products, Women's Wear Daily reports.

Beginning with the beauty day's 10 pm launch on March 26th, Evine will display a selection of covetable new products from brands including Beekman 1802 and dpHUE, which the company estimates will soar in sales over the coming months. Though Evine's "Before And After Beauty Day" may appear one-dimensional on first glance, the occasion is far from uninspired. In addition to providing beautifying provisions on the company website, Evine's event is accessible in multiple formats, from cable television to smartphones, ensuring that no matter where they are, consumers will be able to join in the festivities.

Nail polish devotees will enjoy a range of new shades by cult favorite brand Ciate, those seeking to keep their visages youthful may find their match in SOMERS Skincare's Day & Night Immortaleyez Duo, and aficionados of the double cleanse will be eager to snap up Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm. The event will not only encourage consumers to purchase revolutionary new products, it will also foster a greater understanding of the products themselves and the ingredients utilized to manufacture each one. With any luck, Evine's new venture will encourage other beauty companies to host educational events. After all, any beauty junkie worth her salt wants to be in the know with regards to the products she lavishes on her skin.