Jennifer Aniston Skips This Hairstyling Step

To me, Jennifer Aniston's pin-straight, long layers are way, way more iconic than that overly stiff "Rachel" cut that was so often copied in the '90s. I've thought a lot about J. Aniston's hair, since she is a strand icon in my eyes. There is one thing the actress doesn’t do to her locks every day — that's right, Jennifer Aniston doesn't blow dry her hair. She lets it air-dry whenever she can.

Her strands are actually naturally wavy and frizzy, a quality that her stylist Chris McMillan has tamed. The actress pretty much told Byrdie that she keeps her blowdryer stored and unused when she is off the clock and let's the elements do their thing.

"When I’m not working, I let my hair air-dry, then finger dry around my hair line and let it go," she confessed to the site. "It helps your hair stay healthier."

I gasped when I read this... so loud that the neighbors probably heard me. I have to blowdry every single day, or my hair looks limp and lifeless, no matter which products I use. Many stylists and friends have tried to talk me out of this regimen, but I can't (and won't) do it. Blowdry or die!


I gasped even harder, so much that my chest hurt, when Aniston admitted that she can go a week without washing her hair, a part of her routine that did not come easy. "The first thing Chris McMillan says is don’t wash your hair," Aniston confessed. "But I can’t leave my hair alone... it looks like crap!"

Preach, sister, puh-reach. That second part of her statement… I have that exact same problem. Aniston's Living Proof products, which I use and love, despite their hefty price tags, have helped her get out of her daily washing routine.

Even though she probably hates this cold, hard fact, Aniston's hair, as opposed to her pre-Cake acting, is what people talk about most.

While it's doubtful Aniston goes fully blowdryer-less for red carpet events or promo activities, there have been many times where she has been artfully messy and looked air-dried. Here are 7 very recent times that her hair was a beautiful, enviable mess.

1. Sideswept Away

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

I love that one eye is concealed by locks.

2. Wash 'n' Go


Effortless! This was a wash 'n' go coif.

3. Wind As A Styling Tool


I feel like wind, as opposed to a blowdryer, was her styling tool at the Oscars this year.

4. Supermodel Waves

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

First, Jen, that cleavage was something else! But those were also some supermodel waves, with plenty of volume and piecey-ness.

5. Air Hair Don't Care

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Okay, I am seriously convinced that Jennifer Aniston really doesn't use a blowdryer very often, or at least she never uses it on full blast for more than 30 seconds. This loose 'do had to be tool-and-product-free and looks easy breezy... literally.

6. Next-Day Hair

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Next-day hair is always fun, like this low-maintenance coif. And bonus points for her faux shock face.

7. Let Go, Let Air

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even this piecey pony has that "let go, let air" feel.

Jennifer Aniston makes one helluva case for air-drying your hair. Granted, McMillan, some product, and maybe a little heat and/or some tools were probably used, since she is an A-list star, but these are certainly looks to take inspo from. These styles should be the desired end result when you air-dry. Go ahead and play around!

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