You On Your Period Vs. You Not On Your Period

First off, if anyone reading this happens to be on their period, I'd like to apologize on behalf of the universe. Periods are gross and messy and, if you ask me, extremely #rude of your uterus to put you through. That being said, they are the reason why this hilarious Buzzfeed video about the difference between you when you're on your period vs. you when you're not on your period exists, so at least if those of us suffering through the bloody rain on a monthly basis can have a hearty laugh at ourselves (or laugh-cry, depending on where we are in our cycle).

Let's be real: When you're on your period, you basically have a full-body transplant and become someone else entirely. Not in important ways—you can obviously still dress yourself and do your job and basically function—but you become someone else in totally random ways. For instance, on any normal day of the year ,I could easily swallow down an entire family-size Digiorno pizza singlehandedly, but Menstrual Me could probably heave down seven of those bad boys without even flinching (I have a gift). And we're not imagining these changes, either: There are actually a ton of biological reasons why your brain and body screw with you while you're menstruating (gee, thanks, science!). While these differences are occasionally disturbing to observe in yourself, all havers of periods can take comfort in the fact that they are far from alone in the struggles. The video hits on just a few of them that will resonate in the uterus of every human who has ever suffered at the clutches of Aunt Flo:

Your Eating Patterns

Off your period...

If I ever have ridiculous notions of changing my ways and actually eating a fruit, it is always on an off-cycle day for certain.

...On your period

You know what? Maybe this is for the best. Balance in the universe and all that jazz. JK, I'm just in a constant state of wanting someone to make me brownies and if being on their period makes that happen I'm all for it.

Pain Management

Off your period...


...On your period moonlighting as an over-the-counter drug lord.

Watching Commercials

Off your period...

Ugh, Hulu, for real?

...On your period

Ugh, Hulu...*stifles a sob*...for real? (Looking at you, Bud Light puppy.)

Well, at least these struggles always keep life interesting? I don't know, I was reaching for a silver lining but I might have reached too far. Godspeed, fellow menstruating humans, and may there always be brownie mix within a 10-foot radius of wherever you happen to be.

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