Fighting With Friends In Your 20s Versus Your 30s

I've never really been one to fight with friends, and generally friendships that have been the source of many fights have proved themselves not worth having. But as it turns out, fighting with your friends in your 20s is much different than fighting with your friends in your 30s, as illustrated by this BuzzFeed video. In your 20s, a lot of conflict is alcohol-fueled, and I definitely remember what it's like to be 20 and drunk and annoyed, and then have a drunk friend get annoyed, and soon everything becomes far more dramatic than it ever needed to be. Buzzfeed suggests that fights in your 30s revolve around the having of babies, although I've yet to encounter that (YET, because none of my friends are with child YET, but I'll report back when they are as a comparative study).

When you're in your 20s and drunk all the time, trying to blend your friend groups and the suitability of love interests are also sources of disagreement. These things, apparently, do not change as you enter your thirties, it's just that your friends are a different kind of shitty and your bad boyfriend is a bad husband. One thing all the fights have in common is that it's one friend disagreeing with the actions and behavior of another friend. And there's one issue friends may never see eye to eye on, no matter what age:

Watch the video below and see how it compares to your life:

Here are some other things that friends will always fight about, whether they're 21 or 39:

1. What order they like the characters from Parenthood, from best to worst (Joel is the best, Max is the worst and no, not because Asperger's; mostly because his hair.)

2. Inviting everyone in a friend group to something, except one person

3. Being ditched for an SO in ordinary circumstances

4. Who said what to the other's crush in 8th grade and its subsequent effect

5. What time brunch is, because some people say 10:30AM and others say 2PM

(If you're wondering, it's the former, because that's right in between breakfast and lunch, so literally BRUNCH.)

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