The Adorable Purse That's Taking Over SFW

As I scrolled my way through all of my favorite Korean street style Instagram accounts this morning, I kept coming back to one purse in particular: They had a classic handbag shape, but were mini in size, and they were decorated with cartoon eyes and sequined hearts... come on, what more could you possibly want from a bag? A few helpful hashtags finally guided me to all I needed to know — the insanely cute mini-handbags are made by a Korean brand named PLAYNOMORE, and they come in just about every color imaginable, from metallic rose gold (my personal favorite) to salmon-colored crocodile.

They'll run you up anywhere from around ₩178,000 to ₩428,000 — but don't worry, that's not nearly as bad as it sounds. With the dollar-to-won conversion, they're actually pretty affordable (right now, $1 is equal to about ₩1104.39, so the purses' price range is more in the low hundreds). Basically, PLAYNOMORE's cheeky-chic handbags are kind of like a cheaper and even cuter (if that's possible) take on Anya Hindmarch's recent collections. In fact, they really call to mind last season's Lisa Frank-esque leather stickers, with a little bit of Kara Ross' personality-filled (sorry, PURSEonality-filled) clutches thrown in — let's take a look!

Looks like they were kind of the must-have of this year's Seoul Fashion Week, eh? It's almost enough to make you want to fly into Seoul to pick one up for yourself! Though luckily, if you don't have the time or the means for the transpacific flight, Bustle contributor Maxine Builder's got you covered with a spot-on pop-art patch purse tutorial (I haven't tried it yet, but I've already been browsing the web for purse-worthy patches).