Kim Kardashian Is Already A Brunette Again

I once wrote that celebrities change their hair color per their every mood and that couldn't be more true than it is right now. Kim Kardashian has brown hair again just a few short weeks after she dramatically revealed a platinum blonde dye job during Paris Fashion Week. Well, that didn't last very long.

Kim K was spotted with daughter North on her way to a ballet class in California on Wednesday, sporting her signature natural-looking dark hair . No over-the-top reveal this time, eh Kim? I guess she didn't want to draw too much attention to her quick change. It seems like every day, a new celebrity decides to drastically change their hair. Is there some sort of underground secret society for hair transformations? IDGI, and I can barely keep up.

And how to they make such dramatic transformations so quickly? I'm pretty sure that Kim just posted a selfie in her bleached wavy locks like a mere 19 hours ago at a fitting. How did she go back to brunette so damn fast?! I am really confused, and kind of impressed at the same time. Her glam squad must be seriously talented.

I, for one, am really glad that Kim has come back to her senses and gotten rid of the blonde. Sure it was cool for like a hot second, but mostly it was bizarre looking (I mean, she resembled Draco Malfoy for crying out loud). Maybe she's finally relinquishing rights to the spotlight for a bit? Hopefully, she sticks to her dark roots — going back and forth between bleached and black hair can do some serious damage.

Take a look at the new (old?) look for yourself.

What do you think? I personally prefer this all-natural version of Kim.

Image: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images