We'll Miss Kim K's Blonde Hair

The official month of celebrity transformations is still in full swing. Christina Hendricks is a redhead again, Hillary Duff's hair is completely blue, and now, another A-list celeb is back in the hair change game. Kim Kardashian ditched her blonde locks for the signature dark shade we have all come to know and love, making this hairstyle even more short-lived than her marriage to Kris Humphries.

After her very dramatic reveal of the sandy-colored style during Paris Fashion Week, I thought Kim would give being a blonde a serious run. After all, she made a huge deal about it, attempting to hide it under that beanie and all. I'm pretty sure she set a new record of selfies posted on Instagram with that 'do — and that's saying a lot.

Even though I completely hated the platinum blonde when I first saw it (eh, I still kind of do), there are definitely some things I'm going to miss about it. Let's face it, dark brown hair is just wayyy too basic for Kim. I predict she will debut yet another crazy color soon. Perhaps she'll take a page from sister Kylie's book and opt for mermaid blue, a la Hilary Duff? Who knows.

In the meantime, here are the five things we're really going to miss about Kim's blonde hair.

The Striking Resemblance To Draco Malfoy

Or The Resemblance To GoT's Khaleesi

And To Thor...

The Social Media Support From Fellow Celebs

Her 19383502 Instagrams At The Hair Salon Getting Blonde Touch Ups

Maybe she will bring back the blonde again soon? Although she'll probably find a new way to #breaktheinternet next time around.

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