Korean Brand Hera and Olympia Le-Tan Team Up

Any way you cut it, Olympia Le-Tan's newest collaboration is one of the brand's best: Move over LeSportsac and Lily James/Cinderella, because Hera x Olympia Le-Tan is here.

In case you haven't heard of it before, Hera is a popular mid-range beauty brand over in South Korea. It's one of the brands that falls under Amore Pacific's (an ultra high-end brand that you might recognize from Sephora) umbrella, along with other popular brands like IOPE, Laneige, and Sulwhasoo. Hera's one of the trendier, more youthful brands of the bunch — as evidenced by their It-girl spokeswoman, Gianna Jun (star of the ridiculously popular My Love From Another Star ). Personally, I'm a big fan: All the products I've tried from the line have been high-quality for an affordable price (I'm especially a fan of their BB Cushion).

All that's to say, Hera + Olympia Le-Tan is something of a match made in heaven. Combine the Le-Tan quirky cutesyness with Hera's makeup know-how, and you've got yourself quite the covetable collection of products. The collection's separated into two sections, "chic black" and "lovely pink" — let's take a look:

And, last but not least? Hera spokeswoman Gianna Jun at the collaboration's launch party, looking absolutely fab in one of Valentino's springy neon brights:

What do you think? I say, pencil-themed makeup in any shape or form is a win. I mean, black and gold palettes, luxe square-cased lipsticks, and gorgeous eyeshadow sets, all covered with cutesy pencils? Win, win, win, all around! Now, it's only a question of tracking down the collection stateside...

Images: beautybiblefby, allurekorea, harpersbazaarkorea/Instagram