Donatella Versace's Got A Gorgeous Muse

Versace has had a multitude of gorgeous spokeswomen including the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga. However, in V Magazine, Donatella Versace talks Jennifer Lopez's special relationship to both herself and the label. According to the designer, Lopez is the ideal Versace woman, and honestly, isn't she just an ideal woman in general?

We all remember Lopez's major fashion moment back in 2000 when she sported the infamous plunging, emerald Versace dress. Since that time, J. Lo and Donatella have been incredibly close, forming one of the most iconic connections between fashion and Hollywood. In the piece for V Magazine, Versace describes what exactly makes Lopez the perfect person to represent the famous fashion house:

"Versace is about strength, individuality, and power. It’s also about loving life, making the best of every moment, and being true to who you are. This is how I define Versace, and it’s also how I define Jennifer. She has so much passion, energy, and charisma. She’s also so much fun to be around."

The designer's description of both her label and Lopez are clearly heartfelt. I love that Ms. Versace desires women to feel strong and powerful when wearing her clothes, and as for muses, Donatella explains that the label has always had them. According to the designer, they're an integral part of the label's character, which she expounds on explaining:

"Muses have always been a part of the legend of Versace, in many senses. Greek and Roman mythology is part of our DNA, and the impossible beauty and presence of the classical muses is always in the codes of the house. Celebrities are the modern-day muses, and they have been part of Versace from the very beginning. To me, a muse is an ideal—a perfection of beauty, allure, and glamour."

While Donatella Versace may gush about J. Lo in the piece, the feeling definitely seems to be mutual. On an episode of House of Style , the singer and actress gushed with Iggy Azalea about the 'rock star' quality of the brand. We love to see strong female friendships in the fashion and entertainment industries, and Donatella and Jennifer definitely seem like a match made in fashion heaven.

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