Blind Chef Shows How To Apply Makeup On YouTube

Remember the No Mirror Makeup Challenge that practically all YouTube beauty gurus did last year? Some did surprisingly well while others totally flopped, but I feel like no one did better than American chef, writer and blogger, Christine Ha, whose YouTube makeup tutorial showed how visually-impaired women get gussied up, sans mirror. Ha has a visual impairment condition called neuromyelitis optica, which was caused by her immune system attacking her optic nerves and spinal cord. Yet she is still able to put her makeup on without vision, let alone a mirror.

All you foodies out there might recognize her name from MasterChef. She was the first blind contestant on the show and she won. She now has a YouTube channel series called Blind Life of Christine Ha. She received a lot of requests to do a makeup tutorial because all her subscribers were curious as to how she was able to manage putting makeup on without vision.

In the video titled "How the Blind Put On Make-up," Ha first puts on compact foundation (which she doesn’t have to worry about streaking since it isn’t liquid). As she brushes the foundation on, she says, “As you can see, I am covering the area around my nose where I get the most redness, or so I’ve been told.” She then moves onto curling her lashes, applying two coats of mascara on, and brushing on blush. She leaves eyeliner for last and explains, “Some people may think it’s backwards to do your eyeliner last, but I want to make sure my mascara is dry because I can’t see if it smudges. This can be tricky so I anchor my hands against my face so I can have more control of the pencil. I look up and start in the outer corner and draw in a few gentle line strokes.”

Ha's video is insightful and inspiring, and every beauty-obsessed girl or guy should definitely watch it. Check out the video below to see how Ha puts makeup on flawlessly. Don't forget to check out the rest of her series, too!

Image: Christine Ha/Facebook